SpiralBound and SpiralBound Pro



Software to Assist the Disorganized

Notepad Organization- each page is placed into a notepad that you can flip through at will, or you may tear off pages and leave them open, to be returned to the notepad when you want; unlike in Stickies, you need not keep all your pages open at once

Calculator- a built-in calculator can automatically solve equations for you

Quick Navigation- a pull-down menu right on the notepad lets you jump to any page

Search Function- every page can be searched by content, title, or both

Security- any or all pages can be rendered unreadable when the program is inactive for a period of time, in the background, or manually locked with the icon on each page

Optional Password Requirement- secured pages can require a password to unlock; you may chose to use Keychain with this feature

Value- lots of choices and excellent customer support all for a very low price

Runs on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later.

$4.95 (USD)

SpiralBound Pro

Software to Assist the Thoroughly Disorganized

    All the features of the original SpiralBound plus:

Multiple Notepads- organize your notes just the way you want

Notepad Sorter View- organizational window with optional multiple panes allows you to view notes, drop and drag into new locations, delete, or double click to open

To Do Pages- list your items and check them off

Email Capability- email the contents of any page (as plain text or an attachment) using Apple Mail, Eudora, or Entourage

More Style- more interface options to make it just your own

Runs on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.

$9.95 (USD)

Compare the features of Apple’s Stickies application with SpiralBound and SpiralBound Pro to see why SpiralBound products for the Mac OS X operating system are the clear winners when it comes to improving your home or business’s productivity and efficiency.

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