An enhanced version of SpiralBound. Additional features include multiple notepads, a Notepad Sorter view to edit, search, and organize notepads and pages, To Do pages, and email capability. For Mac OS X.


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Rivulus is transitioning to using the App Store as its primary means of software distribution. See Arcade Math Blocks, Arcade Typing Tutor, and SpiralBound Pro.

SpiralBound Pro 2.1.1 released: several bugs have been fixed. Available through the App Store.

SpiralBound Pro 2.0.1 released: a serious bug has been fixed. Note: The updater has been changed, so if you think it has been awhile and you already own the program, please check your version number in the SBPro menu-About. Just for this time, Check-for-Update will not work.

Arcade Typing Tutor

Arcade Typing Game

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A note utility that goes far beyond Stickies, SpiralBound organizes notes into a spiral notepad. Features include the ability to tear off and return pages to the notepad, a built-in calculator, title and content search functions, and the ability to secure pages. For Mac OS X.

A language program that allows the student of Hebrew to read Biblical texts with as much or as little syntactical assistance as he or she chooses. Audio is included. For Mac OS X.

This typing game set in space would encourage anyone to type faster and more accurately! Type the words as fast as you can in order to shoot them down. Otherwise they will destroy your base! For Mac OS X.

A totally original arcade game using arithmetic to advance levels. Many options for math and arcade difficulty. The perfect mix of mental challenge and good clean fun! For Mac OS X.

Arcade Math Blocks

Arcade Arithmetic Game

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