Hebrew Reader


5/16/10 Version 2.0.1 Released

Minor bug fixes



Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.5 (Leopard) is required.

A display with a resolution of 800x600 or greater is required. Most likely if you are using OS X, you easily meet this criterion.


Click Here to Download the Latest Version of Hebrew Reader.

      (Right-click or control-click to choose where on your computer it should be downloaded)

This program is shareware.  The download is a a fully functional copy of Hebrew Reader with the limitation that only the first eight verses of each reading will be available. To enable all verses, please purchase a license.

Personal License (for 1 computer): $24.95 (USD)

Group License (for up to 15 computers): $129.95 (USD)

Hebrew Reader is in the process of being transitioned to Apple’s App Store. Though it is not yet available through the App Store, the price has been reduced to its App Store price, $4.99. The registration information in the program still shows the old pricing scheme, though the user will only be charged the new amount.

You may purchase a license from within the application by selecting “Registration” from the Hebrew Reader menu after downloading from the link above, or by visiting the Rivulus Webstore.

Version History

Version 2.0.1 Changes

Fixed a minor registration bug.

Tweaked behavior of audio and translation windows.

Added missing copyright and licensing information.

Version 2.0 Changes

A new reading is included: the Sacrifice of Isaac, Genesis 22.

Features to hide vowel and other pointings and verse numbers have been added.

The underlying code has been completely rewritten for better quality.

Automatic check-for-update and automatic update features added.

Support for 10.4 (Tiger) has been discontinued.

Version 1.1 Changes

A new reading is included: the Creation Narratives from Genesis.

There is improved support for Mac OS 10.4.

The registration process has been clarified and improved, and all required fonts are now embedded in the application.

Audio is now broken down into segments as well as verses; formerly audio was only broken down to verses.

The translations window has been redesigned.

Text size can now be changed.

Various minor bugs have been fixed.


    Do not hesitate to email Rivulus Software if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

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Software to Assist the Beginning or Intermediate Biblical Hebrew Student

  1. Read actual Biblical texts in Hebrew:

  2. The Creation Narratives  (Gen 1-2)

  3. The Sacrifice of Isaac  (Gen 22)

  4. The Book of Jonah  (Jonah 1-4)

  5. View or hide pertinent grammatical information

  6. View or hide English translations

  7. Play Audio for every reading

Hebrew Reader enables you to read Biblical passages in Hebrew right away. You can read until you encounter a word or usage you do not understand. Then, when you click on the word, the grammatical fields at the bottom half of the window will become filled with useful syntactical information and translations. You can choose exactly how much, or how little, information to see.