Rivulus Software


Philip White is the developer behind Rivulus Software. He started the company in Jan. 2009 so that he could turn his love for programming on the Mac into a career, work for himself, and spend more time with his wife Kellie and their daughter-on-the-way. Now, Kellie manages the website and does many of the business’s non-coding tasks. Their baby, Elizabeth Ivy, born July 2009, is the lovable anti-productivity officer. Their company name means “creek” in Latin and SpiralBound Pro is the most frequently used application in their dock.

We want to create products that people will use and love. We strive for the highest quality in every application we develop. Please send us an email if you find anything lacking in one of our programs. We welcome your comments, suggestions, error reports, constructive criticism, and encouragement. Your support of our humble company is greatly appreciated.

Our company is very small (we get excited about every sale). If you like what you see, please support us!

Philip’s brother Alex also programs for the Mac, and was the original developer of Arcade Typing Tutor. Now that Alex is busy with medical school residency, he has asked us to take over development of his software.

Currently, Philip is combining his love of languages with his love of computers by studying for a Master’s in Computer Science with a focus on applications to Linguistics. Kellie likes to craft in any spare time she has; see her Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/SweetPeaWorkshop or her site at www.kelliewhite.com.